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Flamingo Rose Teething Necklace

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Back by popular demand Flamingo Rose in raw and organic sandalwood! Sandalwood is known for its natural, tranquil aroma and will provide you and baby with instant zen at first whiff.

At the end of this beautiful and unassuming teething necklace is a hand dyed rose tassel. The bright tassel will catch the eye of your little one encouraging early hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as your babe's fingers will play with it rather than pull on your hair (you'll thank us later!).

Our beads are 100% raw organic wood.
BPA, PVC, Latex, resin, oil, phthalate and lead free.
Beads easily cleaned with gentle soap and hung dry.
Periodically apply a small amount of organic coconut oil, olive oil or a non scented oil to hydrate the wooden beads.
Hand dyed tassel color may fade or run if wet or saturated.
Approx 25" drop knotted.
Organic cotton string and tassel.
Necklace is intended to be worn by adults only and not left unattended with baby or child.
Great for gifts, all orders can be gift wrapped.